Robert Thomas Iron Design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  ~Leonardo DiVinci

The Blacksmiths

Robert Thomas

Robert was accepted to the Artistic Blacksmithing program at Hereford College of Arts in Hereford, England and is certified through the National School of Blacksmithing, where he received a Journeyman’s Certification from the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths in London, England. He has studied metalwork with renowned artists in England, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Israel, and throughout the United States.

Utilizing this specialized schooling and international training in forging metal, Robert has fused his passion for ironwork and eye for aesthetics to create beautiful compositions that can be seen all over the world. Immersing in the process start to finish, Robert enjoys collaborating with his clients to design and produce quality works of architecture, sculpture, furniture, lighting, and a diverse collection of custom pieces.

Robert Thomas Iron Design is based in South Carolina, although Robert is happy to continue working on projects all over the country, as well as collaborating with blacksmiths from around the world, refining his art and acquiring new design inspiration. “I like to design pieces that highlight the forging process. My passion is using traditional blacksmithing techniques to create contemporary works. The way I build – it's not the easiest way to do it – it's the pursuit of mastery. The way I incorporate traditional technique – it's not recreating the past – it's working directly with the material in a way that cannot be realized with a machine.”

International Recognition

  • 1st place - 2012 Iron Work Exhibition; Ivano-Frankivsk Blacksmith Festival, Ukraine
  • 1st place - 2012 Forging Competition; Ivano-Frankivsk Blacksmith Festival, Ukraine
  • 2nd place - 2012 Tri-County Show; Malvern, England
  • Featured demonstrating team member - 2012 World Blacksmith Forum; Helfštýn, Czech Republic
  • Sculptural works on permanent display in the Castle Helfštýn; Helfštýn, Czech Republic

Tyler Bickerstaff

Tyler brings a diverse skill set with him from over 15 years in the construction industry before getting the blacksmith bug and enrolling in the four-year architectural ironwork program at the American College of Building Arts (ACBA). Tyler started working with us as a summer intern and came back full time after graduating Valedictorian from ACBA. He and his family love fishing in the Folly River, Traveling, and Auburn Football.

J. Powers Shepard

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Annie Arthur

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Clinton Donellan

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Mike Sadorf

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Isambard Kingdom Brunel a.k.a. "Izzy"

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